Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Giveaway?

The Blogging for Books people sent me an extra copy of Judgement Day, and when I emailed them about it, they told me that I could keep it and use it for a giveaway or something. So, since I don't really need 2 copies of the same book, I was wondering if anyone wanted it? It really is pretty good, and really, you can't beat the price! So, leave a comment if you'd like it, and on Saturday we'll pick a winner out of a hat and mail it to you!

(Wow, this makes me feel like I'm trying to be some sort of official blog!)


Angela Baarz said...

I want to do a giveaway...I'll have to consider it.

Anyway...if you don't mind mailing to Utah, I'd like to be in the drawing.


Karilyn McRoberts said...

Wow, a free good book! Put me in the drawing. Does family get two names in? Just kidding!