Monday, February 8, 2010

Smiles and Laughs

So this isn't quite her full smile, but they're always really quick so they're hard to capture on camera. I'll keep trying though. Anyways, Alexa has started smiling at us when we entertain her, and even laughed once this week! We have no idea what she was laughing at since she was staring at the wall at the time, but it was exciting anyways!
This wasn't her first bath, but I felt a bath picture was necessary...

As you can see, she can be quite the bed hog, but at least she'll lie there quietly while we get dressed and put away laundry and things like that.

I just thought this one was cute :)

And Mike, once again multi-tasking. Who says you can't feed a baby and look things up on a lap top? Oh, and he wanted me to mention that in the last post, he also has a controller in his hand that's holding Alexa.
Our sleeping schedules have gotten all messed up thanks to our little bundle of joy. She's taken to sleeping all day and staying up all night, and we haven't quite figured out how to fix that. We've tried to keep her awake during the day, or at least wake her up often enough that she should be tired at night, but that hasn't really worked so far. Babies can sleep through pretty much anything, we've decided. The worst part of it is that around 6 or 7 in the morning she usually has a tantrum, which isn't that bad except that it's for no reason at all, lasts at least half an hour and the person with her is going on very little sleep since she hasn't gone to sleep yet. Hopefully she'll get over this soon, though, so we can have a little more sanity!


Karilyn McRoberts said...

She's a cutie. Welcome to parenthood!

Rachel said...

She's getting so big! Mike you're quite the multi-tasker haha. We had a great time with you guys a couple weeks ago! Thanks again!

Kim said...

Those first smiles are so exciting!

Oh I know that baby story all to well. I promise you will get sleep again least when she moves out right :)

She really is so dang cute! I want a baby with hair.