Thursday, February 25, 2010


Alexa has become quite the little talker lately.

Hopefully the video thing works.... I've never put one up, so we'll see. She also doesn't seem to have the typical first child camera love. She's interested in it, but stops doing whatever she was doing to look at it. Thus, getting this video was hard. Just ignore me talking in it, please.

Besides talking a lot more, nothing much has changed around here. As you may notice, I'm blogging at 1:15 am, so obviously Alexa still stays up all night and sleeps all day. At least she sleeps one long period (like 5-7 hours) so I can still get a good amount of sleep, even if it is at a really odd time. I haven't been very productive otherwise though. It's hard to be motivated to clean or do homework in the middle of the night, especially when trying to keep the baby quiet so Mike can get sleep for his classes.

Speaking of classes, our history class ended today, so I only have independent study classes left! Yay! Mike still has a full semester, although this will make his schedule a lot easier because it gives him built in time to work in the lab. We really are going to finish school this year, this time! We promise! We'll both be done in June, and Mike will be walking in April. This time, nothing is going to stop us! We both are doing well health-wise for once, and we really want to get into the real world and have a real job/income now that we have a baby, so the motivation is really there! Family is the best motivator out there!


Mark and Shauna said...

Aww, cute video! She is just SO precious! That's awesome she's sleeping for 5-7 hours... now all she needs to do is switch that to night time! =) We need to get together soon!

Analeis Paul said...

I love baby noises! She's a cutie:)

Kim said...

Love the cooing! She is such a sweet little I want another baby girl :)

She does have a strange sleeping schedule, but as you said at least she has one long sleeping period for you. Hang in there, it get's better...I hope, lol