Friday, April 10, 2009


So as it turns out, I'm terrible at blogging. Half the time I don't have anything to blog about, and the other half I have things to blog about, but no time to get to it. Having said that, I do have things from the past two weeks to blog about, and hopefully I will get to it either later today or sometime this weekend. This post is simply to say that it's official: I will be graduation in August and Mike will be graduating in December but will be walking with me in August. YAY!!! We're really excited to be done with school and moving into the real world. It also gives him more time to find a job and such. It will also make this summer a lot more relaxing with not having to find a place to live and moving within a week after graduation! so, again, YAY!!!!

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Matt and Sara said...

YAY! When's graduation in August?