Sunday, January 11, 2009

Drum Roll Please!!!!

WE GOT A BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think most of you knew that we haven't had a real bed... just a mattress that we got for free that has been on the floor. In July we got a bed frame too, but we still didn't have a boxspring. I look on craigslist everyday watching for people to put boxsprings up. Basically, I was obsessed, but really, we've been married for just over a year and we didn't have a bed yet! About a month ago there was a posting for a boxspring, so we called the guy and he said we could have it. Mike was at work and told the guy he would be there at seven to pick it up. At six thirty the guy TEXTED Mike that he gave the boxspring to someone else. We were very mad. First of all because he promised it to us, secondly because it was only half an hour before we were going to go get it, and thirdly because he texted Mike when he didn't even know if Mike got texts! Anyways, my boxspring dreams were dashed and I was very sad. Buuuuut, last week, one of our friends saw a listing for a boxspring and when Mike called, they still had it! So Mike went over right away and with his friends help, tied the boxspring to the roof of our car. That was a very long story just to explain that we have a bed, but I thought it might help people understand why it makes me so happy. :)

Other than that, nothing really exciting is happening. Mike and I are changing our class schedules around a little bit, but nothing major. I went to work with him today (he has to work one Sunday afternoon a month) and I took pictures for him as he wrote tickets, and boy did he write a lot of tickets! He absolutely loves his job. I love mine too, except the fact that I have a job. :)

Mike also has been happy because he's gotten to play his favorite boardgame, Kingsburg, several times this week, along with his favorite video game, Dokapon Kingdom. He's also been happily buying new songs for Guitar Hero on the Wii. So, he doesn't hide what his favorite Christmas presents were, but at least we all know he likes them!


Matt and Sara said...

YAY for bed pictures....I mean pictures of the know what I mean.
PS - Have you guys ever played Ticket to Ride - that's one we need to add to a list for when we meet up!

Lisa said...

Congratulations! It is not as exciting as some of the things that I had thought up, but I guess it is pretty exciting. I hope you have pleasant dreams every night :)