Monday, December 1, 2008


Mike and I had our own little Thanksgiving, which was rather different for both of us, but turned out really, really well. I cooked, and we had an abundance of food. I think we'll be eating leftovers until Christmas break! I am actually pretty proud of how everything turned out, but I did cheat a little. Since it was just the two of us, and neither of us really like turkey very much, we just did a turkey roast instead of a whole bird. As it is, we'll probably throw the rest of it out because neither of us are eating it. The most exciting part for me was that we finally got to use our china and our nice silverware! Here's a picture of the place settings:

And here's a picture of the whole table.
You think this is a lot of food? Well, it isn't even all of it! Both of our families have traditional appetizers (mine is this really yummy cheese dip stuff and his is a cheeseball and chips and dip) so we had those as well.
On another note, Mike and I have less that two weeks of classes left before Christmas break, and we are so excited to be done! He has it really easy from here on out because most of his work was due a couple of weeks ago. My semester has hit the hard point though, where I have tons of papers and projects and presentations due. Not exciting. Soon though, we'll have two weeks to just relax and not worry about school, thank goodness!


Lisa said...

Your table looks great! Sounds like you did a great job with the food. I don't know about you, but I love to eat leftovers and have a break from cooking!

McRoberts Family said...

Can I just say that I have been married over 6 years now and I still have never made a whole thanksgiving meal myself!! Why did you do turkey if you hate it...hello, can I just say HAM!!!

Kim said...

Dang you guys, way to go. Alicia, you make me proud...I love to eat, and you guys look like you will be doing a lot of that for a while. Good luck with finals, I'm telling you guys, just dropping out is the way to go...just kidding, keep up the good work

Mark and Shauna Bevans said...

Yeah! I'm so happy you guys have a blog now (I know I'm late on finding this out;)). Your Thanksgiving dinner looks really yummy... and I by the way, I love how you guys got creative and put up a paper tree- what a great idea! I wish I had thought of that our first 3 Christmases!

Kim said...

time for an update guys...what have you been up to?