Monday, June 15, 2015

The End and the Beginning

Soccer ended last month, much to the girls' disappointment.  Alexa had a great time, and Kaelyn actually ended up liking it, too.  After the last game, they all got little participation medals, which Alexa thought was so cool.

Right after soccer ended, T-ball started up.  Alexa has had a couple of practices, and one game, and so far seems to really be enjoying it.  The first game was really funny, watching the kids try to figure out where to run to, and the massive dog piles as all our out fielders tried to get the ball.  After the first inning, the coaches changed their strategy and just had a few kids in the out field at a time  and that helped the dog pile issue get resolved.
 Alexa's first home run.  She was the first hitter of the team, so she was technically the first home run on the team.

 They switched the order of batting in the next inning, so she was also the last run from the team.
T-ball at this age is an automatic tie, really, because every kid gets to bat and run the bases each time, but she's really enjoying it, and is learning a lot.

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