Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Soccer Girl

Alexa has been playing soccer this spring, and has been loving it! It's been really fun for me and Mike to see the improvement these last couple of months.  At first we joked that she just "orbited" around the ball, and it was a pretty big orbit! But we have been working with her to get her to go after the ball, and she really has gotten in to it more. In fact, this weekend she had a breakaway, took the ball all the way up the field and scored, all by herself! We were really proud of her, and she thought it was pretty cool that all the parents on the sidelines were cheering for her.  And while she has, so far, inherited my love of soccer, she hasn't inherited my pansy nature! At this age, there is a lot of falling, tripping and pushing because everyone travels in a big group around the ball, and she hasn't had any issues with that, whereas it took me several years to get over it.  And knowing her, I thought it might be an issue for her, but it certainly isn't! 
 Her team, minus 3.

She has done so well that we're going to sign her up for T-ball this summer!

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