Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Alexa's First Day of (Pre)School

A few days before Preschool started, they had a little meet and greet for the kids.  Alexa is lucky enough to know two of her teachers from church, so it has helped her be more comfortable there. 
 On the real first day, she was very excited.  The whole time I was taking pictures she kept asking if it was time to go yet, even as I kept explaining that she had woken up (ridiculously) early.

 Kaelyn's just chillin' in styling.
Alexa LOVES preschool.  Everyday she's so excited to go and when she comes back she's so excited to tell us what she's done that day.  She's made several new friends, although she's terrible at names and can hardly ever remember any.  Kaelyn is still getting used to Alexa being gone, she absolutely loves the one on one time and the extra attention, but she does spend a lot of timing asking, "Where Alexa go?".

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