Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Long One!

For my birthday, Mike made me steak, fettuccine alfredo, and Caesar salad, aaand a S'mores Cheesecake. Everything was SO good. When we were putting everything on the table, Alexa decided that she didn't want to wait for me to cut her a piece of steak, so she just took mine! But seriously, this dinner/dessert was so delicious! It was a pregnant lady's dream. If you want the cheesecake recipe, it's on my Pinterest board, now that I'm finally on it.
For St. Patrick's day we ate green. Literally. Breakfast was green eggs and ham, which Alexa got a kick out of because of the book. For dinner (I forgot to upload the picture, sorry) we had green mac & cheese, a green jello/cool whip salad, bread with green butter, green juice, and salad.
I think I've hit the nesting stage a little early this pregnancy, so I've been thinking about decor for Alexa's room and the new baby's room. For Alexa, I made these 3 boards- 2 for pictures and one for hair clips so that they'll finally be all together! The princess sign was mine as a teen, and last time I went to VA I brought it home for Alexa.
When we woke up this morning, it was relatively white, so we bundled up and went out so Alexa could play in the snow, really for the first time. She hasn't seen much snow, so she wasn't really sure what to do, but did do the classic toddler thing and immediately tasted it. Her newest, and most favorite phrase is "Mmm, I like this," which she promptly said as soon as she ate the snow. We made a mini snowman, which she loved. She was very sad when we couldn't bring it inside.To bribe her back inside, I had to offer a bath with all her new bath toys from Aunt Rachel, and blue eggs for lunch. She loves scrambled eggs, and I figured if she liked the green ones so much, I may as well let her pick what color she wanted this time! They were really much more blue than they look in the picture.Whew, now I finally feel caught up! I gotta get better at this!

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