Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's amazing how at this age kids pronunciations change so quickly. But, it's getting closer, so that's good. Mike and I carved our pumpkins Sunday night, finally. We like doing themed jack-o-lanterns.
We had Alexa paint her pumpkin after her nap on Sunday, figuring that she was a little young to carve her own :) She had a grand time.

And got so into it that one paint brush just wasn't enough.

And once the paint was about 3 inches thick all the way around the pumpkin, I took it away and let her paint on the 'drop cloths'.
This is a picture of the paint right after she started, it was a brand new set when we started, and there was no paint left by the time I made her stop.

My 4 pumpkins:

And Mike deserves a shout out for cleaning both out pumpkins, since I can't do my own. Thanks, hun!

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Lisa said...

I like your 4 pumpkins. Ours were Disney themed, and carved right before the kids went trick-or-treating. Maybe we will try painting them next year!