Friday, September 10, 2010

Swing Swing

Today we took Alexa to a nearby park, and she had a ball. We were pretty sure she'd love the swing, and she certainly did! In this picture she's actually laughing hysterically.
It's hard to get a good picture while trying to get her to smile at the camera.... hopefully I'll get better at that.
Mike was excited to take her on the slide.
Also, we also took her on the spinny thing... it's not a merry-go-round, it's just a flat thing that has handles and you sit on it and spin. I have no idea what they're called, but they're a lot of fun. We also took her on the teeter-totter, see-saw, whatever you prefer to call it. She like them both as well, but as I was participating, I couldn't take pictures.


Julie Briggs said...

So, I totally know what it was you were talking about... and now it's killing me that I can't think of what those spinning things are called, either!

Rachel said...

We miss you guys! I'm glad things are going pretty well. Good luck with the job search. It's hard, I'm sorry! But you'll find something for sure!