Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm ashamed...

So it took me this long to finally get around to reading Twilight, and I did it purely out of curiosity. I wanted to know all the fuss was about when it sounded like a written soap opera that was badly done. And I have to say, Stephenie Meyer is a terrible writer. Being in the same program that she graduated from, I don't know how she passed. The teachers I have are all pretty strict with grammar and sentence structure. Meyer pretty much completely ignores any and all rules in the English language. That being said, the books are ridiculously addicting. I told one of my friends "As an English major I cringe while I'm reading it, but I just can't stop!" And it's true. I've only read the first two, so no one ruin anything for me!

On another note, I forgot to update with Alexa's 2 month stats. She was 23.5 inches and 11.4 pounds. The nurse actually had to come measure her again because she was so surprised she had grown that much already! We just got back from getting pictures done, and as I was picking ones to buy, it really hit me how much she's grown. It really does happen too fast!


Julie Briggs said...

Don't be ashamed... because if you are, then I would have to be too!

I was in the exact same boat as you just a few weeks ago. I avoided those books like the plague. But I finally gave in and read them because I had questions about the movies that a friend told me were answered in the books. I went something like 3 days without sleeping at night because I couldn't put them down.

I completely agree with you, though. As an English major, I think Meyer should be shot. But the story itself is pretty captivating. If you've read Harry Potter, the 3rd and 4th Twilight books are much like the 6th and 7th HP. The 7th is the crowning jewel- the coming together of everything... but the 6th remains my favorite HP book. It's kind of like that with Twilight. The 4th is the crowning jewel, but the 3rd is my favorite.

But, you weren't completely off when you called it a soap opera. It kind of reads that way when you look at all the books together. HP is all one story, but each book is like it's own "episode" with its own story and "case." I described it to Jared like this: Harry Potter is like the tv show House. There's a bigger story going on with all the characters and their lives, but each episode is its own case that gets wrapped up. Twilight, on the other hand, is more like a soap opera. It's kind of just a free for all of an episode because the whole season is the story, not just one "case" per episode. That's kind of what Twilight is. So really, it is a soap opera. The front cover of one book and the back cover of another seem to be really arbitrary.

And honestly, the first two books are the weakest, I think. Just wait. ;)

Rachel said...

I agree! For some reason her books are way addicting! I actually only read the first 2. Tell me if I missed anything worth reading :) haha

Kim said...

Ha ha, I havent been sucked into the whole twilight thing yet, but I'm sure if I gave it a chance I would get addicted too. I did hear that the books were very poorly written though, and were almost too easy of a read.

It sounds like your little girl may not be so little when we see her this coming week. But next to our kiddos, I'm sure she will look brand new.