Friday, August 28, 2009

Visits from family

So, graduation was the 13& 14 of August, and it was a blast! Both sets of parents, plus my two oldest brothers came out for it. I don't have pictures yet, since I was rather preoccupied with, you know, graduating and all... But hopefully they'll come soon! Mike's parents were only here for a few days, but it was great to see them again, especially since we won't really see them again until the baby comes. Mark, Shauna, and Jackson came down for the actual ceremony as well. My brothers were also here only a few days, but again, it was great to see them. My oldest brother caused a little bit of stress because he went missing for about 8 hours, but, it'll make for a good story later, right? I also witnessed my first accident, and was glad they were in the car right behind me and knew what to do! My parents made a vacation out of it, and were here for a week and a half. It was so nice to spend the time with them! I only see them about twice a year now, so it was great. My mom and I did massive amount of shopping for maternity clothes and for the nursery. We got a glider and ordered a changing table, and I'm really excited for it to come!

My parents also wanted to do a little sight seeing, so we went to Promontory Point (isn't that super old-western sounding) which is where the Golden Spike is. Here's where East met West: Here's a belly shot for those who were wanting to see it. I really just feel like I look fat right now, not pregnant...
Here's West:
And East:
And double East:
And East meeting West again!
There goes East. I thought it was pretty cool that the trains actually run, even though they're just replicas of the originals.
So, the 19th was my parents anniversary, so we went out for dinner (actually, we went out for dinner a lot... I haven't eaten that amount of food in a loooong time) to Los Hermanos. Our waitress was my freshman roommate, Kelly, and we finally met her new husband as well. Just to warn you, if you ever feel like getting nachos there, make sure you have about ten people to share with. You will never finish them by yourself, even with your husband helping you!
After my parents left, we had one day of down time, and then Kim (Mike's younger sister) and Kelly came to visit with their kids. It was also great to see them again, since it's been a year since we saw them last. We went to the zoo one day, and had a great time. Here's Mike as a turtle:
And wrestling an alligator:
And here's our mascot about to pounce at us. He seriously sat like that just staring at me for like five minutes!
Me, Mike, and baby with the cougar.
And that's all for now! Hopefully I'll get pictures of graduation soon, so that I can prove I walked!


Julia said...

What fun! BTW, you do look pregnant not fat.

Mark and Shauna Bevans said...

You TOTALLY look pregnant, definitely not fat. By the way, I LOVE the capris you're wearing... are those maternity or regular? SUPER cute.

Matt and Sara said...

I love you pregnant! I love you not pregnant too but you look cute joined in the ranks of the pregnant/mommy club! LOVE IT! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! I'm really glad! I miss you! You should give me a call when things settle down from family visiting. (I'm free tonight or tomorrow for phone talking.....or any other time...) Love ya

Kim said...

Wow, I forgot how busy with family and graduation you were. I feel kind of bad for crashing your first moments of peace! But we had a few laughs right? I can't believe Mike fit in that turtle shell! And you definately don't look fat my dear..there is a nice little baby bump present :)